Recreational Marijuana and Exercise

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Many people have heard of exercise highs and runner’s highs. These are a mental and physical state that you come by when you’ve been performing a physical activity for a while. Your mind focuses on its own, and the activity becomes effortless. Usually, you have to wait for the state to occur. It’s possible to bring it on, on demand, however. Many people get there with recreational marijuana.



Before you start, you should talk to a doctor

As common as it is to get exercise when you’re high, it’s important to consult a doctor. Marijuana can raise your heart rate. If you suffer from hypertension or other cardiac disorders, your doctor should be able to give you advice on whether it’s a good idea to mix marijuana with exercise.

Marijuana can increase your tolerance for carelessness or risk-taking, as well. These are hardly an ideal state when you work with heavy weights or run on the street. Most people who combine marijuana with exercise don’t allow themselves to get very high. They only microdose themselves for a slight boost. At low levels, marijuana can raise your enthusiasm. At higher levels, it can make you lethargic.


You must first understand how weed affects you

Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, weed doesn’t affect everyone the same way. While it may calm some people down, for example, it can make others very anxious and insecure. Before you decide to combine weed with exercise, then, you need an idea of how weed works for you. You need to experience weed by itself, in a safe environment.




You may be able to go farther

Often, it’s the last reps of a set that are the hardest, and the most beneficial. These are the reps that give you the physical growth that you hope for. When you microdose yourself on marijuana, your endocannabinoid receptors do not perceive pain in the normal way. You may find it easier to get past the mental and physical challenges of pushing yourself hard. Marijuana can make your workouts more productive.



You may be able to get to the zone faster

Workout enthusiasts often long for “the zone,” the immersive state in which nothing seems to exist but the moment and the workout. When you get yourself high to just the right level, your workouts may enter the coveted zone more readily, and make your workouts more effective. Monotonous workouts such as treadmill running can also become much more fun when you’ve had a microdose of marijuana.




You may recover faster, too

Weed has cannabidiol or CBD, a cannabinoid that helps lessen pain and inflammation and that helps with the healing process. After each workout, when your muscles are sore and in need of recovery, CBD can help your muscles heal faster and more consistently. You’ll be able to gain more from your workouts. If you don’t wish to actually use weed, you can come by the benefits of CBD with products such as CBD oil.

Finally, if recreational marijuana is legal in your state, you should still think hard about the form of marijuana that you wish to use. Smoking weed may not be as healthy as using it in the form of tinctures or in vaporizers.

Mixing marijuana with working out can be a good idea if you approach it the right way. If you’re careful to only use enough to boost your workout, you may find that you gain from the activity.

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